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Meet Our Team

Unveiling Toronto's Best and Finest Tattoo Shops: Your Ultimate Guide to Flow Tattoo

Flow Tattoo takes pride in its three unique locations across Toronto, each offering a distinct experience in the world of ink and artistry. In the bustling heart of Downtown Toronto, our Queen St W location merges urban chic with artistic flair, creating an inspiring hub for both artists and tattoo lovers. Journeying north, our Yonge and Bloor location in the historic and trendy neighbourhood offers a vibrant, creative atmosphere, reflecting the area's rich artistic heritage. Meanwhile, our Midtown studio boasts a serene and intimate setting, perfect for those seeking a tranquil tattoo experience.


Each Flow Tattoo location not only showcases the talents of our diverse artists but also caters to the varied preferences of our clients, ensuring a memorable and personalized tattoo journey, no matter where you are in the city.

Click each location below to check artist's portfolio.

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